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    We offer a wide selection of products and services and actively involved in telecommunication and construction turnkey projects.

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    Apart from the ready-made steels materials, we also offer custom-built fabrication of steel structures according to the specification and needs as required by clients.


Set with an aim to meet the diverse needs of our clients and contractors in both property development and telecommunication industry, Birchcom Construction Sdn. Bhd. offers a wide selection of products and services. We are actively involved in telecommunication and construction turnkey projects.

Civil Engineering & Construction Works

Birchcom Construction is a multifaceted construction firm that offers a comprehensive range of products and services for various civil engineering and construction projects involving all types of structures such as pipelines, bridges, towers, roads, sewerage systems and buildings. We are also actively involved in electrical, mechanical and telecommunication installation and building works, providing products and workmanship of the highest grade while adhering to the international standards.

Birchcom Construction are actively involved in numerous civil engineering and construction projects from medium to mega scale including residential property development such as landed property and condominiums and commercial units such as offices, shop lots and corporate buildings.

Steel Structure Fabrication & Installation

In order to provide a solid support to our clients in various property development and civil engineering projects, Birchcom Construction strives to provide premium quality steel structures, catering for the different needs of clients. Thus, we also provide custom-made steel materials that are specifically fabricated according to our clients’ request.

We also own our manufacturing plant and warehouses of steel materials and structures to ensure the use of top-notch materials in every project. Supported by our team of well-trained staff, highly qualified engineers and professional consultants, Birchcom Construction is able to complete installation work of these steel structures efficiently according to project’s timeline and safety standards.

Electrical & Mechanical Installation

Birchcom Construction offers a series of electrical and mechanical installation services that helps make buildings operates in a more efficient and sustainable way, and cost-effective at the same time. Regardless of size and scale of buildings, whether it is a residential unit, a shop lot, or a corporate office block, we make every effort to deliver meticulous installation works that adhere to the safety standards from the preliminary consultation stage to completion stage, utilising various advance techniques such as modularisation and prefabrication that is more cost-effective. From time to time, we also provide electrical and mechanical installation services for projects involving building refurbishment or plant replacement.

Air-Conditioning And Climate Control System & Installation

Birchcom Construction provides a wide selection of designs and systems of air conditioning, heating and ventilation as well as installation and servicing works. From hotels and corporate office blocks, to medical facilities and manufacturing plants, Birchcom Construction Sdn. Bhd. provides air conditioning and ventilation systems installation with great care to ensure they function perfectly.

P.U. Cabin & Equipment Room

Birchcom Construction provides an array of choices of custom-made Polyurethane (PU) Cabins that fits different purposes according to clients’ and contractors needs and requirements. Built with pre-coated colour-bond steel sheets that come with aluminum skirting, these PU Cabins are specially designed and fabricated for a much effective air seal and a longer lifespan. We also provide PU Cabins for various Base Transceiver Station (BTS) sites in related telecommunication projects within property construction projects or in other stand-alone telecommunication projects.

Network Infrastructure Design:
Rf Planning & Optimisation

Whether it is within a property development project or a stand-alone telecommunication project, Birchcom Construction helps our clients in network infrastructure design and radio frequency (RF) planning on the cell sites to gain optimised coverage that meets their specific capacity requirement and traffic demand. In RF planning and RF Optimisation, we offer a series of services including but unlimited to RF site survey and site acquisition, model tuning, continuous wave (CW) testing, nominal cell planning, detail cell planning (frequency, parameter, etc.) which are implemented across various technological platforms such as Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), Long Term Evolution (LTE), and Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS).

Base Transceiver Station Installation & Commissioning

Birchcom Construction provides the installation and commissioning of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) to numerous property developers and telecommunication companies that helps facilitate better wireless communication between user equipment (e.g. mobile phones and computers with wireless Internet connectivity) and the related network. BTS Site Survey, indoor and outdoor BTS installation, and BTS Commissioning (BTS power on and card check, integration of external alarm, etc.) are some of the BTS services provided by Birchcom Construction.

Transmission Installation & Commissioning

In the area of transmission installation and commissioning, Birchcom Construction has collaborated with several contractors in undertaking a great number of projects with some of the top telecommunication companies such as DiGi, Maxis Celcom and U Mobile. Birchcom Construction offers a wide range of services comprising installation, testing and commissioning of overhead transmission lines, electrical power distribution systems, materials and upgrade management, transmission enablement surveys/power installation, integration with existing equipment, post commissioning call/drive tests to ensure the expected coverage is attained and other relevant transmission installation and commissioning services.

Telecommunication Materials

To ensure that all our clients receive the best materials for all turnkey and telecommunication projects and continuous supply, we own various manufacturing plant and warehouses that produces a wide selection of construction materials and telecommunication parts such as steel materials for steel structures, mini towers, antenna poles, steel brackets, materials for cabins production, and other relevant parts.


Custom-Made Products

Apart from the ready-made steels materials, Birchcom Construction also offers custom-built fabrication of steel structures according to the specification and needs as required by clients. We are capable to provide custom-built high quality steel material, especially for telecommunication turnkey projects, and we have the capacity to provide large quantity of both, ready-made and custom-made products.

Import & Export Services

To provide a more comprehensive service to our clients, Birchcom Construction also offer import and export services of construction materials as well as telecommunication parts and devices for overseas turnkey projects and foreign firms. In addition, we also provide value-added services to our clients including sourcing for the relevant materials which are not locally manufactured and shipment to the designated country as and when required by our clients.